Frequently Asked Questions

Everything. It is very difficult to put into words everything we can print. If it prints on paper we can do it: labels, envelopes, newsletters, business cards, forms, postcards, letterhead, brochures, signage, and more.  Check out our samples for ideas or tools to help your business grow and look more professional. 

Every job is custom. Due to the uniqueness of each job it is difficult to predetermine prices accordingly. Every job is custom compared to the next. Therefore, we treat each job individually to meet the standards desired. But don’t worry; we can send you a quote very quickly. Send us a description of the job here.

Depends on what you need. We do our absolute best to meet the desired delivery date on each job. Need it yesterday? Sounds familiar to us. Some obvious time constraints apply when referring to larger jobs, but don’t hesitate to test us. We are here to serve.

Learn to set them up like a pro. Our techie, prepress professionals are willing to help you learn the in’s and out’s of programs and what it takes to get a file set up for print. We pride ourselves in helping our clients troubleshoot problems and making print-ready PDFs.

View the images below. Bleeds make sure your print projects fill the canvas and look professional. 

Setting up bleeds in Canva:

Setting up bleeds in Illustrator:

Setting up bleeds in InDesign:

Use these images as guidelines for the correct formatting.

Formula to combine multiple columns into one:

This is an ideal Mailing Spreadsheet Format:
Tutorial – Excel Mailing Sheet

Steps to Split data into Multiple, New Columns:
Tutorial – Splitting Data into New Columns

  • The file has crops and bleeds (see How Do I Set Up My Files for help)

  • File size is the desired finished product size

  • PDF files are preferable (especially if you know your file requires changes/edits!)

  • If you want to use a specific Pantone Color, make sure the file that you send includes that Pantone Color (i.e. The Pantone is not converted into CMYK)

  • Ideally, no edits should have to be made. 

    • Any edits that take longer than our standard Preflight time will be subject to an additional Graphic Design Fee

We all should be! We have implemented several steps that would impress anyone interested in protecting our environment; processless plates, paperless billing, alcohol-free presses, and the list goes on. We use recycled materials first when possible to reuse and reduce waste from our print shop. Staying energy efficient is one of our priorities when printing.



Our UPLOAD button. The easiest way is the upload button at the top of the page. If you have trouble, email or give us a call. The easiest way to troubleshoot this issue is talking through the process. Though transferring files that large can be time-consuming, burning discs is a thing of the past. But hey, we’ll take those too.

The proof is in the pudding. Quality control is very important to any print shop, but we have new ways of making sure your file will look great on press or in the digital world. High-end proofs with G7 color profiles confirm both quality and color. 

We use a color matching system. Every job is extensively inspected to match the colors you want to the prints. We provide multiple examples of different colors if you want to see what works best and physical hard proofs to ensure accuracy. For a quicker accurate color match, give us the Pantone color you would like us to match.

Not really. Whether you’re printing something big/small in size or quantity we can handle it. Don’t be shy.

Yes! We work with a variety of nonprofits such as higher education, community nonprofits, and government agencies. Contact us today to discuss your printing needs.