About Our Minneapolis Print Shop

Professional business card, sign, label, and digital print shop in Minneapolis

Personal & Professional since 1940

We are a family owned and operated business serving the needs of the Twin Cities with exceptional customer service, fast turn around times & quality printing since 1940. We are willing to take on any job and work with you to get results that you are excited to show off!

Gleason Printing is a “one-stop shop”, which means you can easily purchase all needed materials in one convenient location and know that your brand will be consistently represented.

Meet the Gleason Printing Team

Bill Gleason

President & Owner

Time at Gleason: 24 Years
Time in Printing Industry: 24 Years

Bill is the third generation family owner of Gleason Printing. A passionate critical thinker, Bill is a lifelong learner who is always looking for new opportunities to expand his understanding of business and the print industry. Born and raised in the southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, he is an avid skier and hockey player. When he’s relaxing you can find him concocting new homebrews. Bill will do whatever it takes to make your project happen!

Amy Gleason


Time at Gleason: 4 Years
Time in Printing Industry: 4 Years

Amy enjoys spending time with her family, including her husband Bill, and going on walks with her dog, Robin. She likes to unwind by spending time outside either hiking or tending to her garden. Passionate about helping others, Amy will help you through any questions you have!

Bruce D

Prepress Specialist

Time at Gleason: 4 Years
Time in Printing Industry: 46 Years

Bruce spends most of his free time trying his best to keep up with his grandkids. When he needs some adult time, he enjoys exploring the twin cities looking for new taprooms. If your job runs on one of our digital presses, Bruce will get the job done right!

George D

Bindery Specialist

Time at Gleason: 1 Year
Time in Printing Industry: 35 Years

George is a lifelong music fan and has headlined a number of bands over the years. No he doesn’t just sing, he plays guitar too! When he isn’t performing, he’s spending time with his grandkids. George will make sure the finishing touches on your items are as perfect as they can be!

Anna G

Promotional Product Specialist

Time at Gleason: 1 Year
Time in Printing Industry: 1 Year

Anna likes to visit new coffee shops where you might find her with her nose in a good book. When the caffeine hits her system she likes to get outside to hike around all the great state parks Minnesota has to offer. Anna will make sure your order is packaged with care and shipped out on time!

Amanda C

Graphic Designer & Prepress Specialist

Time at Gleason: 1 Year
Time in Printing Industry: 5 Years

Amanda stays busy by playing soccer and volleyball, though usually not at the same time. She also enjoys going to sporting events, concerts and other events when she’s not out kayaking or hiking. Amanda will make any of your artistic visions come to life!

Doug L

Press Operator

Time at Gleason: 7 Years
Time in Printing Industry: 38 Years

When he’s not running our offset presses, Doug stays active in his free time. He enjoys running, bowling, and when the ground isn’t frozen he fills up his schedules with as many tee times as he can handle. He is also a gas station slurpee connoisseur. If your order is run on our offset presses, Doug will make sure it’s done just right!

Jeanette M


Time at Gleason: 30 Years
Time in Printing Industry: 30 Years

When she isn’t doing our taxes, she’s teaching someone else how to do theirs! A true tax professional, Jeanette loves making money make sense to people. When she isn’t doing that she has fun with her four grandsons, and when there isn’t snow on the ground, you can find her in her garden. If you have any questions about your account, Jeanette will be happy to help!

Matt P

Product & Marketing Specialist

Time at Gleason: 1 Year
Time in Printing Industry: 1 Year

Originally from a Northwest Suburb of Chicago, Matt loves to spend time with his fiance Marah and their cat Milo. He has a lifelong love of the outdoors and usually uses his vacation days to travel west to go hiking and camping. He is also fond of being bitterly disappointed by his hometown sports teams. Get in touch with Matt if you have any questions regarding the printing process.

Kevin S

Print Estimator

Time at Gleason: 2 Years
Time in Printing Industry: 37 Years

Kevin enjoys being outside, particularly if that means getting out on the lake to go fishing. He’s also an avid reader (don’t bring him past any Little Free Libraries if you don’t have the time to stop), and is always looking for a new microbrewery or restaurant to visit. When you call to get a quote, Kevin will help you!

Haley A

Prepress Specialist

Time at Gleason: 1 Month
Time in Printing Industry: 1 Year

Haley’s life can get a bit boring. She only likes to paint, garden, read, cook, shop, play tennis, ski, ice skate, along with crafting just about anything you can think of. Haley will make sure your job is set up perfectly and ready to go!